Documents & Procedures

Express International Group, being a member of FIDI is fully committed to complying with all requirements.We at EIG follow a stringent Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption practices, along with strict Data Privacy Protection procedures. In addition to EIG's Service Level Agreement we also expect our partners to uphold these standards. 
Shipper Info Form
This form, will allow us to get all your destination and other important information. Feel free to email this form, or hand a hard copy to the supervisor.
Insurance Form
We have prepared valued inventory form that can assist you in adding up the total value that you would like to declare for insurance purposes. Feel free to email this form directly, or you can hand it to your supervisor. Form must be signed & dated in order to issue the policy.
Moving Checklist
This form will give you a comprehensive idea on what you need to prepare for a move. The checklist will help you plan what you need to do in a timely manner, 4 weeks, 1 weeks, day before & day of the move. We list and mention subjects that can very easily be overlooked and will prove to be quite useful and beneficial.
Company Brochure
An online version the company brochure.
Egypt Customs Regulations
Here you will find updated customs regulations information pertaining to Egypt. As the laws & regulations are constantly chaining, it is recommended that this page be visited on a regular basis.
Customs Docs.
Find customs forms and documents for various countries in the world. You can open and print these directly from the site. If you are not sure if you need the doc's or not, please check with your moving coordinator.