Facilities & Resources

Fleet of Trucks

Having varied and large selection of trucks allows for maximum flexibility and operational efficiency.  EIG currently owns and operates 22 vehicles.

The wide mix of trucks includes truck and trailers, closed van trucks, open van flat bed trucks, and an external elevator that can reach a max 6 floors.  Trucks are all maintained in house under a rigid preventative maintenance program. 
10x closed van trucks
4x open trucks
2x trailer
1x truck and trailer
1x external elevator
2x busses
2x Suzuki small van (courier)

  • Privately owned fleet
  • In house service center
  • Selection of various sized trucks & trailors


Packers, Laborers & Staff

The packers at Express International are truly a force to be reckoned with. Between them all, there is over a hundred of years of experience in the field of packing & removals.

All packers go through an intensive 6 month training / probation period where they are taught the art of packing. They are showing how to use different packing materials & techniques in order to ensure goods arrive safely to their destinations. Packing crews are made up of teams of 5 packers with 1 crew leader/ supervisor

  • Full time packers and laborers only
  • Fully trained and insured

Express International Group has 3 privately owned pre-fab warehouses. Our largest warehouse measure 4,500 square meters, while are smaller two measure 1200 & 1000 square meters.

All have separate individual entrances and are fully equipped with fire detection and fighting systems as well as fully insured against fire. Warehouse are also fully insured against fire. Loading docks allow for easy loading and unloading of containers along with a ramp allowing smaller trucks to enter the warehouse. Wooden lift vans are placed throughout the warehouse to provide for long term storage. We supply two sized vans to cover the requirements of each client. Warehouses also stocked with racking systems to all for easy and efficient storing of pallets and bulkier items.

  • 3 prefab closed warehouses
  • Fire fighting system with smoke detection system
  • 24 hour gated security
Forklifts & Cranes

Express International enjoys the luxury of owning its own lifting equipment. Our selection of forklifts includes 2, 3, 5, and 10 ton forklifts.

Allowing for easy loading and unloading of lift vans & containers both 20' & 40'. All forklifts are also maintained on site at our mechanic work shop which ensures they run smoothly without any interruptions.

  • 3, 5, 10 ton forklifts on site
  • Outdoor external elevator - reaching 6 floors
  • In house service center for forklifts & cranes
Carton Factory

Innovation & Growth: Express International Industries was established in 2001 with the objective of manufacturing all kinds of corrugated sheets and carton for the packaging material needs of its sister companies. Nevertheless excess production capacity was sold on the local market to a variety of clientele. By 2005 demand had grown many folds and production capacity could no longer match the demand, therefore a considerable investment in expansion was undertaken not only in production capacity but also in form of establishing state of the art high-tech production facilities.

A large investment was mad in a new locale spread over 25,000 M2 and located about 700 meters from its first site in the industrial zone of Abou Rawash.

A Fully Automated Production Line:
The new Facility boasts a fully automated production line capable of speeds up to 200 meters of carton sheets per minute or about 100 tons a day and totally programmable from the control room. It is the only machine of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East that is capable of producing 7 ply/layers carton.

Along side the 137 meter long corrugating line, these are two high speed state of the art “flexo” printers and die cutters with a combined output of 12,000 pieces per hour. These give the company added advantage of multi-color, high quality printing, speed and ever increasing market demand for innovative and timely printing solutions.

To insure strict quality control policies a lab was created in the heart of the production floor. The lab is responsible to test incoming raw materials to make sure that match the particular specifications demanded thereby insuring our clients get the best carton for their needs.

Serving with commitment:
The company’s main asset is its 350 employees who act in unison and are totally committed to provide the best carton solutions possible at the highest levels of integrity and customer dedication.

Today the company boasts an exhaustive client base both on the local and export markets from a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, ready made clothing, frozen and fresh food including produce, chemical and petroleum related in addition to ceramics, appliances, electronics and the moving industry.

We aim to provide premier carton products to cater to a diversified customer base using high-tech automated corrugation lines and outstanding printing facilities.

Express International offers its clients direct access to premium virgin paper sourced from all over the continents stretching from North America downtown to South America and across to Europe and Asia. Such access allows it to pass on a cost advantage to its customers through bypassing importers and brokers. In addition, the company also buys locally recycled paper sourced from the best manufacturers in Egypt thereby giving its clients a wide selection of options best suited for their needs.

A Diverse Product Range:
The company’s product range includes single, double, and triple corrugated wall cartons and micro-fluting boxes for wide and diverse market needs.

-Flat Boxes: These are industry standard and comes in all shapes and sizes.
-Doublewall Heavy-Duty Boxes:  Extra strong with double thickness reinforcing all ends as well as the base. Ideal for shipping heavy goods. -Corrugated Sheets: For layering on pallets, keeps top of products free from warehouse dust, used as a layering pad, protects from fork lift damage and helps to disperse weight. -Kraft Side Loading Boxes: Designed for side loading and easy packing with full over-lapping flaps.
-Deluxe Moving Boxes: Are ideal for moving common household goods. They are constructed in double wall from to weather rugged transportation and handling. Can be printed with “This Side up” .
- Bulk Cargo Containers: Primarily designed to protect and conceal large shipments, they make a great master pack for smaller cartons and protect irregular shaped shipment. They are also available standard air freight sizes.

E-flute Cartons “micro-flute”: A corrugated carton intended to solve a different product packing problem, that of both product protection and point of purchase merchandising is usually lighter, thinner and made from paper grades more amenable to high quality graphics. Micro-flute corrugated boxes occupy the area between traditional brown corrugated packing and the paperboard folding carton, drawing from the best feature of both.

All Orders can be custom made to size in multiple choice of paper grades from premium virgin to recycled, plain or printed, white or brown stapled or glued. All of the boxes ship and store flat to save space and cost and are 100% recyclable.

  • Fully automated corrugation factory
  • Strict quality control lab to insure quality production
  • Diverse product range
  • Automatic 4 color printers
  • Automatic folder / gluers