Household and Personal Shipments

Q: How is my shipment valued? Do I need to send an invoice?
A: Customs examines shipments upon entry to the Egyptian port and determines a value.  During this process EIG ensures that the value as low as possible.
Do not inclue an invoice with the shipment, this will most probably increase the value and not be in a clients best interest

Q: How long does customs clearance take? Do I need to be physically present at port?
A: Customs clearance takes between 3-5 days at Cairo airport and 7-10 days at Alexandria Sea port.  Clients do not have to be physically present, but they must be in country.
Q: What documents do I need to clear my shipment?   
A: The documents vary depending on the clients statues, but the ORIGINAL passport along with standard authorization letters are always required.

Diplomatic shipments

Q: Will my shipment be inspected at port?
A: If you have full diplomatic status, your shipment will not be inspected at Egyptian Ports

Q: How long does customs clearance take? Do I need to be physically present?
A: Diplomatic shipments take 1-3 days at Cairo Airport and 5-7 days at Alexandria port.  Clearance only begins once all the documents have been submitted to Customs. Clients do not have to be physically present, but they must be in country.
Q: What documents do I need to clear my shipment?
A: Along with normal original documents (authorization letters, shipping documents, packing list), we require ministry of Foreign Affairs approvals.  The local embassy staff usually handle the securing of these documents and are well versed with these procedures.

Commercial & Logistics

Q: What is the meaning of Intermodal Transport
A: People refer to intermodal transport when several transport modes are required. Transport is performed between the place of origin and the place of destination, via a few transshipment points. At these points, transport modalities are changed.
Q: What is the meaning of Multimodal Transport?
A: Multimodal transport is the type of transport where the carrier, who organises the transport, accepts responsibility for the entire transport operation, and issues the appropriate transport documents for this, i.e. the Multimodal Transport Document.

Q: What are the USA legal cargo weight limits?
A: Normally, for net cargo weight: 36,000 lbs for 20' container, 43,000 lbs for 40' container.  However, weight limits also are set for various localities based on individual axle weight, measured by portable scales, so that even weight distribution in a container is as important as total gross weight.  It remains the responsibility of the party stuffing the container to certify and ensure proper loading in conformity with legal limits.
INCOTERMS 2010 Abbreviation
EXW    Ex Works
FCA    Free Carrier
CFR    Cost and Freight
FAS    Free Alongside Ship
CPT    Carriage Paid To
CIP    Carriage and Insurance Paid To
DAT    Delivered At Terminal
DAP    Delivered At Place
FOB    Free On Board
DDP    Delivered Duty Paid  
CIF    Cost, Insurance and Freight

Carton Factory

Q: Do I need to buy boxes separately for my move?
A: No, all boxes and packing materials are included in our offer and will be brought to the packing with the crew.
Q: How can I purchase large quantities of boxes for my personal use?
A: To order boxes, please contact Jerry Nazzal – jnazzal@expressintl.com.eg who will be able to assist with this request.


Q: How do I insure my shipment?
A: To cover your shipment you must complete a valued inventory form.  This form can be found in the Documents & Procedures section of our website.
The shipment is covered on a door to door basis for total loss.  The insurance premium is quoted separately and is as additional cost to your shipment.

Q: How to I file a claim?
A: If you need to file a claim, you must download the document "how to file a claim" and follow the instructions.  It is recommended you cc Express on all communication with the Insurance provider so we may assist in facilitating and expediting the claim and settlement.