EIG commenced it’s activities in Egypt in 1970 by it’s present owner, Mr. George Nazzal. The first office was located on Mr. Nazzal’s Balcony. It was a one-man show.
We were building our lift vans in the desert on the sand, lifting them on the trucks with our hands, long before the containers came along.

Six months after, the balcony office was moved to a small rented apartment and the hire of one secretary with a salary of $40.00 per month. Packers were hired as needed, trucks where rented upon demand and the show kept moving. I remember we were using an old typewriter to make our correspondence on given to me by a friend to be returned at a later date.


In 1973, bigger offices were acquired, three other new people hired, new packers and supervisors where appointed and more business started flowing.
Also 1973 was the turning point for EIC when we acquired the contract for the clearing of the Suez Canal logistical work, this really was the big start for EIC and which helped bringing it to it’s present size and standard of service.
As we all know, nothing comes from emptiness, a lot of hard work and long hours improving on all aspects of the services as you grow on.
Obviously by this time we have grown quite big and we are about 35 employees, with an office at the airport, Alexandria and the head office where everything was controlled. Vehicles were purchased as the need became greater, the clients multiplied and the incoming business became more and more.
Growth kept moving and so the number of people, trucks, and communication equipment was installed to meet the challenges and technology changes that start creeping on us, meaning the fax, email, the phones, computers and everything in between.
The above is just a drop in the bucket of the history of EIC as I do not want to take much of your time for you to read, but at least to give you an idea.


In 1999, the first property was purchased, 15,000 square meters where we have built the most modern administration building and a first class warehouse facilities with a total of 135 well trained employees, managers, packers, drivers, communication center, and training program for my people to insure that we stand as the number one company in the logistics and moving industry.
We pride ourselves on our outstanding accomplishment in the last 45 years by gaining the implicit trust of all our colleagues worldwide, our hundreds of super clientele who places there trust in our services, commitment and integrity in serving them in the most professional and committed manner to insure the safety of there valuables


In 2008, EIC decided to expand there small carton factory which was producing the packing material for there requirement in an investment of over twenty million dollars to build the largest carton factory in the Middle East & Africa in order to supply there carton requirements for any size or type carton that they may require. EII (Express International Industries), employs over 400 persons to insure the supply of cartons to over 400 clients in Egypt and abroad with a turn over of over 180 million in sales a year to include 27% export abroad for various types of clients even some of our colleagues in the moving industry imports there cartons from us.
Yes I have the right to be proud of our accomplishment, this proves that hard work never kills and moving towards your targets in a calculated manner, can always takes you to where you wish to go.


Today, my Son Jerry is following in my footsteps, he is the VP and have taken charge of the moving & logistic departments and I am happy to say, I am proud of what he has accomplished and is continuing to improve on what I have started.
Today, ask anyone about EIG, in the country or around the world, the response is,

Go East, Go West EIG is the best.

I want to thank all my colleagues & clients for their participation & support to bring EIG to where it is today, without there support, this could not have been accomplished.



In collaboration with Darwish Logistics, EIG has opened an office in the UAE that offers a full selection of services echoing those of the Egypt operation.  With an ever growing sales in the gulf region, EIG has determined that the UAE is an ideal country to expand in.  For more information on DXI Logistics, our new venture in the UAE, please visit www.dxilogistics.com