Commercial & Logistics

Fairs and Exhibitions

EIG has been handling fairs and exhibitions in Egypt for the past 42 years. We have a thorough understanding of Egyptian customs, rules and regulations, which allows us to handle the inbound and outbound portion for moves effortlessly.

Sea Freight

EIG commenced business in Egypt in 1970, and due to this long existence in the forwarding market and the considerable volumes executed during these years, EIG gained strong bargaining power with shipping lines. This enables the company to provide customers with the best available export and import rates in the market, as well as booking priorities. EIG has a unique network of powerful agents all over the world,  enabling EIG to provide customers with best efficient and professional door / door service for (FCL & LCL) shipments from any where in the globe.


EIG is a licensed consolidator authorized by the Egyptian authorities to act as de-consolidator for incoming shipments (air/sea) and a co-loader for the outbound shipments. This provides our customers the cost and time efficiency for their sea LCL shipments and consolidated air shipments.

Customs Clearance

EIG has its own customs license by the Egyptian customs authority with the best customs expert’s employed and own offices in the main Egyptian ports.  Express International Group is able to provide customers with smooth, professional customs clearing services, safe guarding customer interests at all times.

Overland & Inland Transportation

EIG’s fleet includes van trucks, flat bed, low loaders, trailers, and outside crane elevator.  This allows us to handle various dimensions/volumes and weights.  In the event that subcontracting is required, Express International Company has long term contracts with the biggest trucking companies in Egypt, with full control and supervision from EIG on these operations to maintain the same 1st class service provided to all their operations.

Air Freight

EIG achieved huge volumes during the last 42 years and was nominated as the no 1 customer for many airlines. This position guaranteed booking priorities and the best airfreight export rates granted by most of airlines in Egypt. Moreover, EIG owns offices located inside Cairo Airport, which ensure close follow-up to airfreight export operation.
Express International’s presence at Cairo Airport allows for close follow up and pre-arrival preparation for air import shipments. This is done to assure a smooth and professional delivery of goods upon arrival of the incoming shipments.

Biopharmaceutical Logistics

Express International Group is one of the finest specialized logistics and support services companies to the biopharmaceutical industry.  Our services include export of trial medication, vaccines and clinical trial material, cold-chain management, protocol support and regulatory advice, investigator liaison and biological sample movement on a global basis. Our clients and partners include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Contract Research Organizations, clinical trial supply companies and academic and government organizations.

Warehousing & warehouse management

13,000 square meters of the finest warehousing facilities built by Kirby to insure maximum safety and care for your goods. Widely used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc. EIG owns its own cranes and forklifts for moving goods, which are placed on ISO standard storing system. Stored goods can include any raw materials, packing materials, spare parts & components, or finished goods associated with agriculture, manufacturing, or commerce.

Hotel Logistics

EIG is one of the broadest service provider ranges in the industry and is one of undisputed market leader in the realm of Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment (FF&E) installations.  We are more than capable to handled orders from suppliers, ship, customs clear and delivery to each and every hotel.  EIG can even help with the procurement of goods when needed.

Documentation Consultancy

The simple fact is, having the correct documents saves valuable time and money. EIG offers our clients practical advice on how to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of the trading environment, providing them with updated information regarding export/import regularities, customs formalities, limitations, and customs tariffs.  

Cargo Insurance

Providing quality insurance coverage for your shipment.  We want our clients to have peace of mind, knowing that their cargo is protected by a top rated insurer with the highest financial ratings and claims payment history.  We are proud to offer our clients Primary Cargo Insurance with coverage based on the actual value of your goods (not based on weight) from the leading A rated insurers, who specialize in cargo, freight, shipping & moving insurance.