EIG spares no expense when it comes to packing material, we realize the need to use good quality materials whenever we carry out removals both domestically and internationally to lessen the risk of any damages to your items. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the materials used within the Middle East and can confidently claim that our material is of a premium quality as opposed to that used by our competitors. 
Aside from removals, we have also identified a high demand for materials used for personal storage and for clients preparing themselves for a removal by packing personal items. EIG is now giving you the opportunity to order materials online and delivered to your door, from individual cartons to entire handpicked moving kits containing a wide variety of sizes for all purpose needs, from small cartons that can hold medium-sized, dense objects, to large boxes that will hold lightweight, larger objects. Furthermore, we can offer tape, bubble wrap, white paper and various other materials to assist with all your packing needs.